Born and raised in Stockton, Farris has witnessed the growth and change in this city and region.  Farris have been a licensed REALTOR since 2004.  During this period to now the real estate market locally has peaked to an extreme in the year 2005 and fell to incredibly low in the next few years with short sales and foreclosures, adversely harming families lives.

On a person note, Farris is a father of four and grandfather of four as well.  If he is not cooking, he probably wishes he was traveling to some new place.

One thing that separates Farris from many in sales positions is that he’s not a pushy high-pressure salesperson but on the other hand he is one of the toughest negotiators and advocates for the people he represents making sure they are protected and informed throughout the real estate process. Getting a buyer or and offer accepted is one thing but the next 30 days is where deal are broken or skillfully managed to the end, and Farris is the person that does that.

His career over the years has been within management positions in local government to leading a local congregation of believers.  Farris has always been about helping people and doing things the right way and this gives great confidence to those that he works with, in real estate or any facet of life.